Film Credits: Milly Silverthorne

Credits: Nikita Faie, Tony Halliwell,

Tom Hacking, Stu Harris


21-year-old Film Composer, Songwriter and Guitarist from the UK.


Striving to make, write and share music that cuts through expectations and hits with a sense of novelty, I am always looking to create new sounds and collaborate with Film Directors, Editors, Producers and other Musicians in a range of genres - click here for a list of my credits, and here to get in contact with me.

Music Composer with over 8 years’ experience of composing independently and 5 years industry-standard education experience. Up-to-date expertise with Logic Pro X and Sibelius Ultimate. Interest in composing for Film & TV. High quality, fast, punctual work output. Can shape and adapt work/ideas to fit commission remits with effect and efficiency. Can write for/with any instrument(s). Can also orchestrate and arrange.

Get in touch: antony.halliwell@gmail.com

Film Music Work

I create Music & Sound Design for visuals, in any genre, to a fast deadline & high standard. To get in touch, click here. Please email me with subject name "Collaborate".

Session Guitar Work

If you are a musician and require a Grade 8 standard guitarist / vocalist / keyboard player to play for your band or concert, get in touch here. Please email me with subject name "Session Work".

Links to my YouTube, Facebook, secondary SoundCloud & MusicGlue Profiles can be found here: